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City of Waveland, MS Departments

We intend to make available, as soon as practible, any and all forms residents may need for CIty services and permits. You will be able to open a form, fill it out and print it, possibly saving you a trip to City Hall. Please continue to check this site for availablility. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, fill out and print these forms. Adobe Acrobat Reader may be downloaded for either Mac or PC platforms here. After you have installed Reader, please return to this page to obtain the proper form. (Note: No forms are available at this time, please check back.)

City Hall 228.467.4134
Fax 228.467.3177
(Mayor's Office, City Clerk, Purchasing, Comptroller)

Building Department 228.466.2549
(Permits, Planning & Zoning)

Court Department 228.466.0042

Personnel 228.467.6301
(Human Resources, Privilege Licenses)

Public Works 228.467.9248

Mosquito Control 228.467.2629

Animal Shelter 228.466.4516

Civic Center 228.467.9012

Can't find the Department you need?
Call the main City Hall number for information.

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