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The Mayor and Board of Aldermen meet on the First Tuesday and the
Third Wednesday following the First Tuesday of each month.
Please refer to the Calendar on the Administration Page.
Agendas may be found here and
Minutes of past meetings may be found here.
Please note: Agendas may not be posted until shortly before the meeting
and Minutes may take several days after the meeting to post.
Please scroll down for Important Announcements
including Cold Weather Alerts and Shelters

Mayors Welcome Message

Waveland Hazard Mitigation Plan

Local Weather

Mayor Mike Smith welcomes you to the
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Waveland is undertaking an update to its Local Hazard Mitigation Plan so that the city remains eligible for federal pre- and post-disaster mitigation funds.

Communities are required to update their plans on a 5-year basis.

The plan update also helps the city maintain a reduction in the cost of flood insurance through FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS) Program.

The local hazard mitigation is evaluating the effects of several hazards on the city of Waveland. These hazards include: Flooding (100-year and 500-year), Localized Stormwater Flooding, Hurricane and Tropical Storm (Coastal Storm Surge), Coastal and Canal Bank Erosion, Drought, Wildfire, Tornadoes, Thunderstorms, Extreme Weather (Heat and Winter Events), Earthquake, Dam and Levee Failure and Climate Change (Sea Level Rise).

The hazard mitigation planning process started with a public kickoff meeting on November 7, 2012. The Local Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee (HMPC) has been meeting since this time to develop this updated plan through development of a risk assessment and hazard vulnerability, plan goals and a mitigation strategy.

The City of Waveland would like your input on this plan update and here is how you can get involved.

A copy of the draft plan along with a survey/questionnaire on the impacts of hazard is available at the Waveland Public Library, 345 Coleman Avenue, Waveland, MS 39576.

You may also contact Wavelands Fire Chief,
Tony Malini, at the Waveland Fire Department
at 228-467-2042 for further information on how you can get involved.

You may download a pdf document of the complete Local Hazard Mitigation Plan here.

This is a Adobe Acrobat pdf document that rmay require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be
downloaded, free of charge, here.


Budget Information

City Charter

Design Standards Ordinance here
Subdivision Ordinance here
Zoning Ordinance here
Zoning Map here

Being Updated

Being Updated

Nicholson Avenue & Jeff Davis Avenue
are still under construction and will be
closed from time to time.
Please use caution.


Sign up for Hancock County Emergency Management Agency Alerts
Details here

Cold Weather Shelter Opening
Hancock County Emergency Management Agency in coordination with Old Spanish Trail Baptist Church will be opening a
COLD WEATHER SHELTER Tonight Wednesday Feb. 25th, 2015 and Thursday Feb 26th, 2015.
The shelter will be open at 5:30p.m. and will remain opened until 9:00a.m. Old Spanish Trail Baptist Church is located
1 mile West of Waveland Walmart at 5078 Hwy 90 Bay St. Louis.
If anyone needs assistants getting to the shelter please call dispatch at 228-255-9191


A retired New Jersey Firefighter who has strong ties to the Coast is turning tragedy into hope and healing. Through his foundation, Where Angels Play, he plans to bring his next project to Waveland.
"I'm here today to ask the city's permission or blessing to allow us to redo Elwood Bourgeois playground in honor of the Bane family," explained Tammy Raymond, Project Co-Organizer and North Bay Elementary School Teacher.

It's a heart-warming story organizers said when the project is completed it will come full circle. It all began after the 9/11 terrorists attacks, when some Bay St. Louis Elementary School students sent letters of condolences to the New Jersey firefighters, who lost a number of their heroic brothers when the twin towers came down.
"Those New Jersey firemen came to us after Hurricane Katrina and built us a playground," said Raymond.
"We felt like we had made a little bit of a difference," remarked Bill Lavin, Founder of the Where Angels Play Foundation.  

Please read the entire story here.

ground zero

The Ground Zero Museum, located in the Waveland Civic Center on Coleman Avenue, will be open to the public from 10AM 'til 3PM on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Waveland welcomes coastal visitors and residents alike.
Come see what has been accomplished!

Also, the Museum is in need of volunteers to
welcome visitors and conduct tours.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please call
Donald Murphy at 493-3235 or
LiLi Stahler Murphy at 243-3235.

Final Design Standards
for the City of Waveland
can be found here

A copy of the FY  '15 Budget may be downloaded here
A copy of the Amended Budget for FY  '14 may be downloaded


The Hancock County Board of Supervisors recently
voted to allow vendors on the beach front.

Anyone interested in operating a business on the
beach is asked to contact the
Board of Supervisors' office at 228-467-0172.

Important Information about
Water Quality & Storm Water Management can be
found using the following links:

MS Department of Enviromental Quality here
Water Quality information here
Storm Water Management information here

Please see our Disclaimer concerning links to exteral sites



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To Be Announced




The Waveland City Charter, with Amendments, is available.

This document covers the time period 1888 to present.
You may view the pdf file here.
This is a large file and may be slow to download,
depending on the speed of your internet connection.

“Please Note:  All original Charter documents prior to August 29, 2005 were lost to Hurricane Katrina;
they have been replaced by the Department of Archives & History,  Department of the Secretary of State,
the Attorney General’s Office or other State office as may apply.

Note:  The City’s current Charter that is followed is dated September 21, 1988
(beginning at page 130) along with subsequently adopted Amendment(s).
These Charter documents are listed chronologically for your convenience.”



City of Waveland
2013 Redistricting
Demographic Analysis
Available here.

City of Waveland
Redistricting Plan 1
adopted October 7, 2013

Availible here.


Redistricting of the Wards,
is availble here.

The latest City of Waveland
Zoning Map
is available here.

The latest City of Waveland
Zoning Ordinance
is available here.

The City of Waveland
Audited Finacials for
Fiscal Year Ended 9.30.2011
is available here.

Important Flood Information
can be obtained here.

The City of Waveland
2012 Annual Drinking Water
Quality Report is available here.

The FY 2014 Budget was adopted
by the Board on Wednesday,
September 11, 2013.
You may download a copy here.

A new brochure from the
Gulf Regional Planning Commission
is available for download here.
(large file, may be slow to download)

The City of Waveland
Audited Financials for
Fiscal Year Ended 9.30.2012
is available here.



These are pdf documents and may require Adobe Acrobat Reader,
which can be downloaded, free of charge, here.